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Church Growth in “At-Risk” Communities

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A book of “dogma” for schools, colleges, universities, seminars, religious denominations, social agencies, community activity centers, and government agencies.

This book can help you get a better understanding of divine principles that lead Church Age believers into spiritual maternity of the “super-grace” of Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

This book is good to buy because it can help you learn about religion.

Formal church dogma is often clarified and elaborated upon in its communication.

Rejecting church dogma is a gross overstatement.

De-emphasizing, marginalizing, and putting doctrine in the background perhaps gets closer to the point of church dogma.

It merely says that ppl typically conflate upholding Church dogma with being far-right and questions why upholding Church dogma is never associated with being far left.

In the Catholic Church, a dogma is a definitive article and essential part of the faith (de fide) that has been solemnly promulgated by the college of bishops along with the Pope.

At an ecumenical council or by the pope alone, when speaking in a statement ex cathedra, in which the magisterium of the Church presents a particular doctrine as necessary for the belief of all Catholic faithful.

This book was written by Roger Baker and you can find out about him and his mission.